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About Us

Race Lagoon Heights Association, (RLHA), is a homeowners association representing 82 acreage properties located southeast of Coupeville, Washington in Island County. The association is a nonprofit private organization and operates a water system for its members and maintains four private roads within the subdivision. RLHA was formed and incorporated on 7/1/1978. There are seven board members for the association as well as several other members who serve on the water committee. RLHA charges its members for water availability and usage and annual dues for maintaining the roads.


The properties are situated on parcels that range in size from 2 to 13 acres of forest and meadow landscapes with several properties that are also waterfront to Race Lagoon. A few properties access the two public county roads, Race or Welcher Roads directly. The majority of the properties access the private roads which are Hobart, Conn, Edmonds and Denneboom Roads. Some properties have horse pastures.

Water System

RLHA owns three properties which serve the operations of the water system. The system is considered a Group A water system under the Washington State regulations. The source of the water comes from two 250 feet deep wells drawing water up to the surface and storing the water in a 50,000 gallon reservoir. From the tank, water is transmitted by 3 miles of water mains via gravity and pressure systems to its members. The pressure system is backed up by a generator for power outages.

RLHA wells pump over 3,000,000 gallons per year. Water quality testing is performed monthly as required by law. The water source provides some of the best water on Whidbey Island, requiring no treatment.


The two public roads, Race and Welcher, are county maintained roads with access from Highway 20. The four private roads, Hobart, Conn, Edmonds and Denneboom,  are all paved and maintained by RLHA.

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